May 13,2014
Mobile Top-Up
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April 11,2014
Mobile Transactions
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January 12,2014
090 prefix
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April 1,2013
Online vehicle tracking service
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June 15,2012
Interswitch e-payment now active.
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News details

April 11,2014
We have now gotten a dedicated phone number [09030001500] for conducting astontext mobile transactions via SMS.

You can activate your SMS account, check SMS account balance and password from your mobile phone.

Also, you can start, stop and locate your vehicle from your mobile phone.

The keyword formats are listed below;

Activate Keyword [activate username e.g. activate testacct]

Balance Keyword [balance username e.g. balance testacct]

Password Keyword [password username e.g. password testacct]

Car keyword [car pin#,action.Pin # is a 4-digit number and Action keyword can be start,stop and locate e.g. car 6789,stop]

Stop keyword[stop pin# e.g. stop 6789.This stops the car.]

Start keyword[start pin# e.g. start 6789.This starts the car.]

Locate keyword[locate pin# e.g. locate 6789.This locates the car.]

All keywords are not case sensitive.