May 13,2014
Mobile Top-Up
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April 11,2014
Mobile Transactions
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January 12,2014
090 prefix
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April 1,2013
Online vehicle tracking service
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June 15,2012
Interswitch e-payment now active.
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How to make payment via Interswitch

[step 1] Click on the Pricelist page
[step 2] Click on Pay online[Nigeria Credit and Debit Card]
Choose any SMS bundle or click the amount radio button and enter any amount value
atleast NGN500.00
Also, enter your astontext SMS account username
[step 3] Click on Buy now to go to the next step or cancel to reset the fields
This displays the Interswitch transaction ID,SMS units to be procured and amount to be paid.
To initiate your payment,all you need to do is to click the Pay button which loads the
InterSwitch Payment gateway Secure module directly from InterSwitch.
[step 4] Click on Pay to conclude payment at the Interswitch payment
[step 5] Enter Interswitch card details and click on pay or cancel transaction
              by clicking on cancel
This leads to the confirmation page which specifies whether your payment was successful or not.